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 - fixed AA/AF crash with ArrayIndexOutOfBounds

 - fixed crash on invalid resource location

 - fixed compatibility with FerriteCore

 - fixed lagometer

 - optimized Forge patch of ModelBlockRenderer

 - fixed RandomEntities dayTime, added CEM animation variables day_time/day_count

 - fixed smooth lighting with Forge

 - fixed biome IDs

 - fixed crash when reloading visible chunks

 - fixed CEM models for chest boat and vex

 - removed shaders normal/specular textures from main atlas

 - fixed custom CIT models

 - fixed Forge crash "No method Font.ellipsize()"

 - fixed glass pane CTM models

 - fixed mipmap generation, sprite scaling, AA/AF, shaders normal/specular

 - fixed mipmap levels for AA/AF and shaders normal/specular

 - updated to 1.19.3

 - compatible with Forge 44.1.23