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 - fixed crash when modded block entity has no blockstate

 - clear CEM entity variables on resources reload

 - fixed CIT broken by Forge compatibility (#7035)

 - fixed Forge crash when breaking blocks (#7024)

 - fixed shaders map rendering to use correct normals

 - fixed Forge invisible blocks (#7025)

 - fixed fishing line with shaders

 - fixed shaders final program when loading from dimension folder

 - fixed CEM model slime_outer

 - fixed CEM parameter angry_time, added angry_time_start

 - added CEM boolean entity variables "varb.xyz" and function printb()

 - added CEM variables "visible" and "visible_boxes"

 - fixed CEM animations for parrot on shoulder

 - added CEM models: slime_outer, stray_outer, strider_saddle, wither_armor

 - added CEM models: creeper_charge, drowned_outer, horse_armor, pig_saddle

 - added CEM render variables and function lerp()

 - added CEM parameters is_tamed, is_sitting and is_on_shoulder

 - added CEM parameters is_aggressive, anger_time, frame_time, dimension

 - added CEM entity variables

 - added CEM support for chest boat

 - fixed CEM partial ticks

 - compatible with Forge 41.1.0