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- fixed CEM piglin head model
- fixed emissive smooth lighting (#7464)
- fixed CEM llama decor custom texture
- added CEM support for decorated pot, hanging sign and piglin head
- added CEM support for camel, sniffer, raft and chest raft
- fixed random entities block check for block items
- random entities: register base sprite location for properties
- fixed NPE "Cannot invoke TextureAtlas.getShadersColorBlender()"
- fixed animations breaking handheld item rendering with particles and AF
- fixed connected textures for programmer art (#7450)
- changed client branding to "optifine" (#1631)
- fixed sculk sensor lighting (#7445)
- antialiasing disabled with Forge above 47.0.3 (conflict with ELS)
- fixed walls z-fighting with natural textures (#7439)
- fixed water normals with shaders
- fixed custom loading screen (#7369)
- fixed swamp colors for modded leaves (#5041)
- fixed crash with Forge potion effects (#7425)
- fixed hotbar items on top of server lagometer (#7409)
- fixed cherry leaves with swamp colors off (#7410)
- updated to 1.20.1
- compatible with Forge 47.0.35